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What to expect? FAQ


Is it Painful? 


Many people think or have heard Rolfing is painful. That is myth which is absolutely not true. At least in my practice. Everybody has a different level of pain and during my session I always try to adapt to that level of each client. As I work and manipulate connective tissue called Fascia, the work can be deep and in tense, but me and my clients always find a way how to navigate that to the level of comfort, where the pain can be only ,, the good pain,,.


About Sessions


Duration of each session is from 60 to 75 minutes, except for first session, which can last 75 – 90 minutes as we have to establish questionnaire regarding body background ( pain, injuries, accidents etc.). Every session begins with standing and walking structural analysis. This gives me chance to look for patterns, restrictions and body function, which will vary from each session as the body will change.


As any other Bodywork, client is lying on comfortable massage table. For Rolfing it is also unique to use special bench, usually at the end of the session. Client is actively engaged in the session – participation here is very important as it can increase affectivity of fascia lengthening and reorganizing. Rolfing is very unique in terms of client’s self education and exploring own body during sessions thanks to participation. As we realign body balance, increase breath and release holding patterns, clients can explore emotional releases arising from body changes.  


New clients will be required to fill out a confidential Client Health Questionnaire before first session. Or they can download this form here, complete it and bring it with or simply download and email at



Download Questionnaire in PDF here






The most efficient is when clients can receive all 10 sessions. A series of sessions allows me to work through your entire body to release all restrictions and to bring your whole body in to balance. Because fascia is connected throughout body, there are connections between each session that we explore together. Clients can receive up to 2 sessions per week spaced anywhere from 1-3 weeks apart, which can vary depending on client needs, time or physical requirements. You don’t need to be certain from the beginning that you want or need all 10 sessions. If you are just curious, you can try first 3 sessions. Within these sessions you will be able to feel whether Rolfing can meet you expectations and current goals.


If you wish me to work only on part of your body where you are experiencing pain, that is absolutely fine and we can discuss after first session how many sessions would be most efficient depending on range of problem.


What to wear?


It is very important for me to feel you comfortably. Suggestions for Women are – running shorts and yoga or sport bra, two pieces of swimming suit or underwear. For Men – running shorts, underwear.


What are Rolfing Techniques?


Rolfing Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that uses soft tissue manipulation, called Fascia, to help in aligning and balancing by stretching and realigning the fascia. After correct manipulation it results in muscles moving more efficiently and in ease. Main goals are better body function and free movement. Techniques are very slow and designed to enable the person to relax. At the end of the session client will feel like after good work out where the muscles were good stretched and contracted.


How long do the effects of Rolfing last?


It is recommended to take a break after receiving 10 – 15 sessions. Taking a break allows body to continue to integrate on its own. As we educate clients during sessions in terms of body self-awareness, if the client stays aware during daily lives, the effects can last forever. If any accident occurs like car accident or sport injury, there is possible to do small adjustments in single session or 3 to 5 sessions. After all 10 sessions you will know how the balanced body feels like and how to maintain that thru your body self-awareness.  


What is a difference between Rolfing and massage, chiropractic or other therapies?


First of all, most important thing is that Rolfing has a whole body approach. Unlike some therapies, Rolfer will do a structural and movement assessment of all body parts (how client sit, walk, do knee bends, raise arms etc.) to see which area of body is not moving or functionally correct. Thanks this analysis Rolfer can create strategy for each session. The most important for me is that the problem itself can be caused not in that area of pain, but somewhere else in body. For example shoulder or lower back pain might be caused by inappropriate arches function in ankles.

Massage will relax the body as it is – Rolfing will change your body’s structure so that old patterns of tension and pain are no longer necessary. Chiropractors and Rolfers do the same – alignment. While Chiropractors work with alignment by adjusting bones, Rolfers believe that tightness and shortness of muscles, tendons and ligaments affect bones alignment as their origin and insertion are on bones. I believe that alignment of connective tissue last much longer and is more effective. Rolfing can very well cooperate and accelerate body improvement by working together with chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and other bodywork professionals.  


What conditions can Osteopathy / Rolfing help with?


The primary goal is the improvement of structure, posture and movement. My clients seek Rolfing as a way to ease pain and chronic stress as well as to improve performance in their professional and daily activities. Athletes may also benefit from Rolfing's ability to increase muscular efficiency.


How many sessions do clients need?


This depends on client’s goals and aim. To get relief of specific pain or symptoms, 2-3 sessions may be enough to yield improvement. However, if my clients are looking for long term change it is recommended to do standard 10 sessions where each session builds on the progress made in previous session. By realigning the entire body, Rolfing creates long-term health as more permanent solution to pain and dysfunction.

Location & Parking

You can find me in the pedestrian-only section of 14th St. just off Lonsdale. Building is directly across from the public fountain, right next to the 80’s Restaurant. Office is suite #200, on the second floor of the building. Parking can be somewhat tricky during peak hours on Lonsdale. I recommend that, if you cannot find street parking, you park in the underground lot belonging to the North Van City Library, accessed off Chesterfield Ave. and 14th St. Cost is $1.00 per hour.

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