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Michal is great at restoring posture, improving balance and regaining proper range of motion in joints.

Rolfing was first introduced to me by my chiropractor due to a whiplash from car accident. After first 3 sessions Michal relieved my pain in neck, shoulders and also hip. I finished all 10 sessions and thanks to Rolfing I can be active as I was before my accident. I had tried osteopathy, massage, physical therapy and acupuncture but I was always getting only temporary relief. Rolfing was the first time I had results that lasted more then few weeks.

Thanks Michal.      David Potter, Queenstown, New Zealand


When I met Michal in January 2014, I explained all this and he said that Rolfing should be able to help with my ailments. 


I am 44 and relatively fit for my age; I have three children and work in childcare here in Queenstown. I had an L4 discectomy in October 2012 after suffering chronic sciatica for a year from a bulging disc. My posture had suffered because it remembered being bent over with the disc. I had a numb left thigh, lower leg and foot from the sciatica. I had suffered from numb hands whilst sleeping for many years. I also suffered from Temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ for short, since I was a teenager.


After the first Rolfing session, I was refreshed and definitely pulled in lots of muscles, but I had signed up for three sessions, so made an appointment to come back for the second.

After the foot work session, I could actually feel in my left foot. I could feel carpet and sand under my foot - which was amazing! My right foot and lower leg had more movement in it too.

The arms session was one of the most exhilarating sessions I had. I could feel Michal actually pulling the muscle in my armpit. The heat coming from Michal pulling the muscles was intense. The great thing from it was the night after I ceased having numb hands whilst sleeping. The Rolfing had released the muscles.


The stomach sessions and the back sessions really helped ignite my body core and I am seeing a loss in centimeters in those areas. I actually feel like exercising now; whereas before I was in pain from the discectomy or numbness. After the face and nose session, my husband said I snored like a trooper, but since that night, I haven't snored at all. My nostrils feel clearer and my face muscles feel like they have had a mini workout! The TMJ has been released too. When I yawn or go to eat something first thing in the morning, the loud clicking sound isn't there, which is such a blessing.


The final sessions were more about putting the body together and finishing parts that weren't working as well as they should be. In my last session I was given exercises I could do at home to help my feet and my arms to relax more, which is something I need to learn to do.


My posture has improved so much. I sit up straight instead of slouching, my shoulders are pulled back and I can breathe in and out more easily now. I walk more aligned as opposed to compensating for the numb left foot. It is now the end of April and I am sad to finish my Rolfing sessions with Michal, but I feel like a new woman. I have a whole new confidence. Rolfing with Michal has changed my posture both physically and mentally. I walk tall when I enter a room and I owe all of that to Michal and his Rolfing. Thank you.  Joanne Hey, Queenstown, New Zealand 

I have had Rolfing done before by various practitioners.  You are the best among them. 
You very strong, but you also make sure to seek feedback as to the degree of pressure that you are applying, so that the experience is never painful.  You did a movement/body structure alignment at the beginning of each session and explained what the goal of treatment would be. You always answered any questions I had and, if possible, used the wall charts to help me visualize better your explanations.  You also gave me tips (like the proper way to walk) in order to help me build upon the treatments and to avoid falling back into bad habits.  I felt improvement in movement and/or body alignment after each session.  Furthermore, you always made yourself available by email or text, if I had any questions between treatments.


You are very personable and helped put me at ease during our sessions, ensuring I was comfortable.  I definitely feel better aligned, straighter and that my body is more "in sync", acting as a whole.


I would definitely recommend your services to anyone seeking to improve their overall feeling of connectedness with their body.

Thank you, Michal.  It has been my pleasure to have met you. Greg Cholod, Vancouver


The Rolfing experience I had with Michal Kapic was more than I expected and incredibly beneficial.

I got involved with Rolfing because I suffered mildly from all over body pain and poor posture. The pain I felt was not a constant pain it was only when there was applied pressure to the areas that the muscles felt tight and very sore. The first session I had with Michal was great because he analyzed my entire body and mapped out the areas of concern.


Each session was catered to a certain muscle group and Michal was very clear on the connection within the body. I was always comfortable and left each session with more energy and movement. I now sit/stand without slouching and can see the improvement in my alignment.  


I began to notice the differences in my body after the first 3 sessions. I could see my shoulders levelling out and pulled back, my neck and head sat taller, and the tightness in my upper back had subsided. I now have great concentration on my walking, standing, sleeping, and overall activity from day to day. My entire body feels open and more free. 


Michal Kapic is professional and calming. He is devoted to the practice and genuinely cares about improving his clients bodies. He is strong and knowledgable, and will always educate his clients about Rolfing and the human body. I would highly recommend Michal as a Rolfer to everyone I know!    Nikol Samoleski, Vancouver




Michal is a very professional and dedicated Rolfing therapist.

I went through the complete 10-session Rolfing treatment and found the sessions to be very beneficial, particularly given my very active hobbies (running, tennis, road biking, hiking). I highly recommend Michael as a Rolfing therapist.  
 Jennifer Nichol, Vancouver


Dani is feeling so much better!

Never really complains of  any pain  which is great as her parkour riding has improved immensely !!!!  
Karen La Fleur, Vancouver

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Michal to anyone experience difficulties of a similar nature.

I have been receiving Rolfing therapy from Michal Kapic for approximately 1.5 years, for an injured shoulder, neck and hip. Since I began with him, I have seen vast improvements in my flexibility and mobility, and a great deal less of the chronic pain I had been experiencing.      David Bridges, North Vancouver

Michal has played a critical role in resolving my back issues

He studies posture and movements carefully to determine how best to address the underlying problems.  He takes great pride in his craft and shows great care for his clients.  Andrew Martin, Vancouver

The sessions have been very effective for me.

 As someone that suffers from migraines that can be triggered by muscle tension and stress in my back and neck the rolfing sessions have been incredibly helpful.  The deep muscle work and structural alignment have improved my posture and provided relief from muscle tension.    Tammy Towill, West Vancouver

Since May my wife and I had regular Rolfing sessions with Michal and the results are quite remarkable.

We very much appreciate the careful assessment that he undertakes at the beginning of each session – he scrutinizes our body alignments and also observes our gait when walking. Michal knows exactly which part of the fascia he should work on and how much pressure to apply. Michal is very considered and is always concerned that one feels ok during his treatment. Two weeks prior to a trip to Europe I put my back out and had great pain in my left leg. I was worried that I would have difficulties during the long flight. But with help of a chiropractor and Michal’s knowledgeable treatment, I was well enough to get through the flight without pain. Few people know how important it is to keep one’s fascia, a connecting tissue throughout the body, in good shape. Michal is one of those rare Rolfing practitioners who are very well trained and able to keep our bodies well-tuned even into advanced age. We recommend Michal to everyone since it seems we all need a tune-up from time to time to keep our bodies in top form.
Klaus and Margot Richter, West Vancouver

My posture and flexibility also improved greatly and I have not had a relapse of any nerve pain since seeing Michael!

When I began seeing Michael, I had chronic neck and lower back problem exacerbated by my scoliosis. In the months prior to seeing Michael I also began having nerve pain in my neck and jaw. Through the series of treatments with Michael I began having much better movement in my joints and my back pain was significantly reduced. 
Maureen Elliott, West Vancouver


Michal is professional in his attitude and knowledgeable in what he does.

Even before moving forward with the treatment series, he went the extra mile to answer question in great depth, and offer recommendations. I had researched a few osteopaths and rolfers, when the time came to commit to one practitioner it was one of the easiest decisions made. Michal is always checking in with your body on a given day while keeping the long term goal in sight. I cannot recommend Michal enough.      Abir Saadi, West Vancouver

My first time. I had pain and, most of all, I had a lot of fear: how could it happen to me? Why my back was so painful, after a life of active’s life and sport? What was going on to me? Should I trust this person? Is he able to heal me or it will get worst?

All these questions were in my mind when I met Michal, then I decided to relax and pray God silently, in my mind, while he started to touch my body. After a while, I could feel a magic relief: "Michal definitely know what he is doing!”, I thought; and I just enjoyed the session. The problem was not easy to deal with, and I had to see him four more times after that first meeting; but now I am fine, because Michal made all right and his hands were God’s tools to heal me. My suggestion for you, who are reading this short report is: choose Michal and trust him, you will not regret it! 

Alberto Tufano, North Vancouver/Italy


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