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Rolfing and Sport


Many athletes use Rolfing to improve their performance. Whether you are a professional athlete or just want to stay in better shape, Rolfing can help you to achieve your goals. No matter what sport or physical activity you perform, thanks Rolfing you can improve your flexibility and balance leading to deeper breathing which improve your stamina and endurance. Very important fact is that by realigning your posture you can not only avoid sport injuries, but also decrease recovery time for sport’s related injuries.


Some activities we love and do regularly can be also very hard on our bodies. Sometimes we push ourselves to train harder and improve without injury. We put our body through repetitive motions that can pull muscles and Fascia out of alignment causing joints – knee, ankles, neck, beck and shoulders to gradually tighten and build up scar tissue. This increase tension and strain leading to pain, lack of flexibility, tendonitis, increased injury and decreased performance.  



Because Rolfing works with Fascia, three – dimensional network of connective  tissue (consists of tendons and ligaments in the joints) which surrounds each muscles fiber and covers every muscles in the body, Fascia that holds the body in alignment dictating our posture flexibility and movement patterns.


Rolfing helps both recreational and competitive athletes. For each client there is a different approach that can vary from different goals and needs – acute or chronic pain, injury or higher performance. These approaches don’t require complete all 10 sessions, but can be set to each clients needs. Although 10 sessions is recommended, most people experience very positive results after just one session.


Rolfing also can help gymnasts to improve body awareness and coordination, reduce the wear and tear of activity, exercise and competition and restore balance and flexibility in body that can be compromised by intense repetitive activity.




  • Increased range of motion and ease of movement

  • Better biomechanical efficiency by decreasing muscles restrictions

  • Faster recovery from injury

  • Improve balance and flexibility in body

  • Reduce the wear and tear during sports activity as training or competition

  • Decreased pain

  • Increase stamina and endurance

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