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Why I became Manual Osteopath

February 18, 2016


Why I became Manual Osteopath


Sport and being active play big role in my life. After dealing with uncountable injuries and surgeries that followed I realized that health is the most important asset we can have. Despite what others can say, our most valuable asset is not money, own a yacht or 3 houses, but be free of pain and do what brings us joy in our life without any limitation.


My initial interest in bodywork led me to graduate from a sport massage course. However, pursuing my Master’s studies in the Czech Republic had the biggest impact on my career. Thanks to great specialists in physical health education I was dragged more deeply into the issues of the whole body - how it is ordered, how it is balanced and how all physical health issues are related to other problems elsewhere. I was well trained to look at the body from different points of view and also to be capable of assessing and treating the body via special exercises, which focus on muscle imbalance and alignment.


To follow and develop my health care career as a Manual Osteopath seemed to me like a natural process. As I was shaping my skills as a bodyworker, I came to conclusion that I need little bit more. I wanted to learn more. For me there is nothing more fascinating than biomechanics of human body its system – tissue, fibers, joints, bones that together can create a movement. Osteopathy has holistic approach to the medicine.  It emphasizes that there is a connection between the systems of the body and that any changes in one part of the body may impair the functioning of other systems or organs. Manual Osteopath do not treat just the pain, but treat the body as a whole.


I remember that one day I encountered an article about several ways how to evolve and reach our body in to full potential. Evolving was described there as a committing ourselves in all areas of our life. Author of an article mentioned that without an action we should realized that we are not going anywhere at all. For me Manual Osteopathy and its technique is a tool I was looking for in my career in order to provide extraordinary service to my clients that go hand in hand with my skills I acquired at Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Becoming DOMP is an action I am willing to undergo in my life to fulfill my dream of becoming good practitioner.

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