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Rolfing: Sharpening The Edge On Your Skiing & Snowboarding

December 4, 2015



Most of us believe that the secret to better skiing is to own better equipment.  Sport companies are inventing new ski technology every year that can be very convincing.  So we spend hundreds of dollars getting top line equipment and we dream of strapping it on and ripping down our favorite run. But to ensure a great ski season, there is a vital piece of equipment:  our body.  Even with all our state-of-art equipment, we need our bodies to be functioning optimally.  Our bodies need to be strong, loose, aligned and relaxed to ensure top performance.


Our body is the best Equipment


Skiing and snowboarding invigorates feelings of effortless joy that we all remember. For some of us, it shows up as a simple turn in fresh powder and for others, it is the feeling of speed. There are days when skiing or riding feels effortless and easy. Other days, our bodies are under strain and pain. We lose our edge over time because of stress, injury, poor posture, habits, years of hard work, minor accidents, lack of stretching—this all causes our body to gradually tighten and misalign. This is the reason we wake up stiff and sore.


Learn to use your Body


To eliminate those harder ski days, we can organize our body to deal with both the results and causes of injury.  By refining the structural relationships in our body, and bringing what’s out of order into order, we set the body up for more balance, power and ease. This can be achieved through structural integration, also known as Rolfing®.  More than 50 years ago, Rolfing was born out of the work of biochemist and bodywork pioneer, Dr. Ida Rolf.  Dr. Rolf saw that the body can be adapted to handling the forces that run through it in a balanced and efficient way.


Skiers and snowboarders can benefit from Rolfing in the following ways:


·         Releasing chronic tension and scar tissue, and restoring joint range of motion           and muscle flexibility will lead to better movement.

·         Relieving chronically-stressed regions so that forces are efficiently transferred           through joints and limbs into the boots, boards and skis.

·         Connection and support through the core structures of the body create  

          stability in the skis / board by directing power evenly through the legs. This                 results in confidence and agility.

·         Lengthening tissue enhances ease of movement in challenging ski terrain.

·         Improves balance and proprioception.


In addition to realigning the entire body, Rolfing also improves movement patterns, which is crucial for balanced skiing.  In realigning the body, Rolfing takes you into full-body awareness. If you can find front-to-back balance on dry land, you can find it on a ski slope.


Your best Investment


Invest in your most important equipment—your body.  It is an investment in your future health and how your body functions for the rest of your life!  Not only can Rolfing fix old injuries, but it can help you experience the feeling of free movement with greater ease and more power.

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