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Massage and Skill Full Touch North Vancouver

Sport massage is a special type of massage that is particularly helpful to athletes. It can be used before, during and after any sports events, training, rehabilitation, injury prevention and maintenance. For many athletes sport massage is a part of their training program on regular basis. Sport massage doesn’t have to be necessarily an hour, but is specific to a particular muscles group or for faster rehabilitation of a muscle injury. You don’t have to be a top athlete to gain from sport massage. Anyone who exercises or is looking for better physical fitness may benefit from treatment.

The reason why people are using sport massage is simple – it works.




  • Thanks to increasing the circulation of blood in the muscles they have better nutrition and oxygen availability.

  • Increases flow in lymphatic system. This helps the body carry away waste products.

  • Helps to maintain the entire body in a better physical condition.

  • Reduces the possibility of injury and the loss of mobility.

  • Enhance athletic performance

  • Accelerates recovery caused by fatique

  • Improves the range of motion of the muscles. Muscles can work more efficiently and the risk of injury is reduced.

  • Provides relaxation and relieves stress, provide pain relief which is important for recovery. 



















Sport Massage

Skill Full Touch

Skill Full Touch is a Fascial Release which combines manual therapy skills with structural therapy, that employs the unique properties of fascial tissue. This technique  was developed at the Rolf® Institute of Structural Integration. It involves the deep, slow and sensitive application of techniques, tools and movements which contact and effect specific body tissue layers and structures. Skilful Touch’s therapeutic benefits include relaxation, greater range of motion and increased flexibility and body awareness.

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