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Osteopathy Insurance Providers

CRA accepts manual osteopathic care as medical expense


Canadians who pay for manual osteopathic care are eligible to claim the expenses as "medical expenses" in their annual personal income tax return to receive deduction in their annual personal income tax payment.


This is applicable only to patients without private extended health plan. If the cost of manual osteopathic care is covered and paid by a third party payor, the individual is not permitted to use the receipt for tax credit. However the portion of the treatment that is not covered by the extended health plan (and paid by the patient) can be claimed as medical expense in Canada.

Most insurance companies in British Columbia do offer osteopathic coverage, but it depends on your individual plan. Upon payment, a receipt will be issued to you that you can then submit to your insurance company. You do not need a referral from your family doctor to see your osteopathic practitioner. 

You can use your extended health benefits insurance with the following carriers:

Society of Osteopaths of Canada:

  • Medavie Blue Cross

  • Sun Life

  • Manulife Ins. Co. Group

  • Empire Life/ Health Ins

  • Desjardin Ins

  • Claims Secure

  • Equitable Life Ins Co.

  • SSQ Ins

  • Canpro HR Services

  • Manion Ins

  • Cowam Ins

  • Esorse Corporation

  • Johnston Group Ins

  • Sirius Benefits Plans Ins

  • CKrGlobal Ins

  • Standard Life Ins. Co.

  • Rwam Ins. Group

  • NexGenRx Benefit Plan

  • Telus Health Solutions Ins. Group

  • Welkini Services Health

National Manual Osteopathic Society:

  • GreenShield

  • Great West Life

  • Sun Life

  • Manu Life

  • Empire Life

  • Alberta Blue Cross

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