Homeopathic consultation

A visit with a homeopath is quite a different experience from seeing a Naturopath or a Medical doctor. Homeopaths do not diagnose conditions and they do not use diagnostic methods or equipment, they rely on the natural ability of the body to heal itself as well as on ability to recognize what support is available for what you are going through. During the consultation homeopath asks broad questions especially about subjective feelings, sensations, bodily signs and symptoms, emotions, cravings, energy levels, life experiences.  Homeopathy offers an excellent whole systems approach to health and healing and takes into consideration the person as a whole. This holistic approach allows the individual to explore the root of the problem and uncovering the underlined perfection.

Homeopathic remedy

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that uses highly diluted natural substances in micro-doses to promote the body’s healing responses, with a very low risk of side effects due to the use of micro-doses.

Your homeopath usually prescribes homeopathic remedy/(s) immediately at the end of the session or may need to order and supply them at a later date. Arrangements are usually made in advance to collect remedies on an agreed-upon date. Instructions on how to take your prescribed remedy will be included with it. Please take following precautions when storing the homeopathic remedies:

  • Remedies are not to be stored in direct sunlight

  • Keep the remedy away from the cell phone

  • Avoid exposing remedies to strong odors

  • The best place to store the remedy is in a cool dark place (not in the refrigerator)

  • Avoid exposing remedies to each other (do not mix them together)


Adult Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

Your first visit with a homeopath usually amounts to a 90 minutes appointment. Homeopathy is a holistic approach to health that considers the person as a whole, rather than treating specific conditions in isolation. A Homeopathic approach places an equal importance on physical, emotional and mental/spiritual well-being, which enables the practitioner to assist you in your healing more holistically. Questions are asked about your general health in all the systems of the body, including sleep patterns, sensitivities in general, emotions, feelings, dreams, and sensations; during this time you can discuss all the current or past health issues and concerns that you have experienced.  Questions about your family’s medical history as well as your own personal health history might be asked in the Initial intake form in order to carefully select the best remedy. All of this information helps the homeopath to understand what distinguishes your individual experience.

Usually a follow-up appointment is suggested anywhere from 4-5 weeks later. The homeopathic treatment of a chronic condition is a process that takes time and it may require regular follow-up visits.


Child Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

Before the visit you will be asked to fill out the child intake form which will help the homeopathic practitioner gain an overview of your child’s health.  The first visit is a vital opportunity for the homeopath to get to know you and your child. Usually, we spend the first part talking to parents, and then your child will be given the space to express.

If you wish you may include the following:

  • Physical symptoms

  • Behavioral issues

  • Communication

  • How your child gets along in the family, with others, at school and in other settings

  • Words, phrases, expressions and images that your child uses often

  • Special interests and favorite activities

  • Any particular sensitivities

  • Food , drinks, likes, dislikes and cravings

  • Information regarding pregnancy and birth

  • Fears

  • Dreams, that they shared with you

  • Anything that you can think that is unique or unusual about your child

  • Feel free to bring some of your child’s drawings or artwork to the consultation


Follow-up Consultation for Adults and Children (70 minutes)

A usual time frame for a follow-up visit with your homeopath is 4-5 weeks after your initial visit. The follow-up visit usually lasts around 70 minutes, during which time your homeopath will review and note any changes that may have occurred since your last visit; evaluate your healing responses. Healing process usually unfolds in a unique way.

Your commitment to the process of healing and cure is as important as our commitment to provide you the best care our experience can offer. The continuity of your treatment is essential to the maintenance of your health.


Acute Consultation (60 minutes)

One of the beauties of homeopathy is that it can be prescribed for acute conditions (those that occur suddenly and occasionally). More than just reducing symptoms, a carefully selected homeopathic remedy can promote tissue repair or provide a vital stimulus that aids in the excretion of liver toxins enabling the tissues to regenerate and resume normal function. It can also provide the support in promoting the elimination of blockages in various systems of the body.

Homeopathy is also very effective in acute conditions like:

  • Colds and flu

  • Ear infections

  • Teething

  • Bruises, strains, sprains, falls, and other injuries

  • Bone healing or pain after fractures

  • Stomach upsets

  • UTI


A considerable length of time is booked aside for your homeopathic appointment. In consideration of others we require 48 hours notice of any appointment changes or cancellations.

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