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Rolfing Structural Integration

North Vancouver

Rolfing, also known as Structural Integration ( SI ) is a technique for aligning and balancing the body and its segments – head, shoulders, thorax, pelvis and legs through the manipulation of the fascia, strong connective tissue that envelopes and isolates muscles, covers bones, and surrounds the heart, lungs and other internal organs.

Through direct pressure Rolfing loosens and releases the fascia, restore its flexibility and elasticity that can be lost through injury, accidents, illness, trauma, repetitive movement, aging, and strain which can lead to chronic pain. By lengthening and releasing the fascia, body can regain its flexibility. The fascia release integrates the entire body and returns it to its state of natural alignment leading to free movement and ease of pain. Rolfing enables the

body to regain its natural, organized form – restoring freedom of movement, revitalizing energy, and leaving you feeling more comfortable and relaxed.




When children are injured from falls or minor accidents, they may seem fine on the outside, once the cut or bruise has healed. However, as Dr. Rolf pointed out, all healing is not really the same. Minor changes have taken place internally, in the injured connective tissue, joints and muscles. Small tears or pulls cause the tissue to thicken. Soon, muscles begin to adhere to each other, are less able to function and can create tension in other body parts. These changes may express themselves as a slight limp, lower energy, or a decrease in range of motion or strength.

Rolfing and children


Rolfing® structural integration achieves remarkable results by manipulation of the myofascial system, the body’s soft connective tissue network that surrounds, support and penetrate all the muscles, bones, nerves and organs.


Because the fascia throughout the body forms one seamless network, pain in one area of the body affects body function everywhere. Therefore, we treat the body by working on all areas, not just the area that is feeling the immediate pain. By lengthening and releasing the fascia, Rolfing helps the body regain its flexibility. The fascia release integrates the entire body and returns it to its state of natural alignment, leading to less restricted movement and free from the conditions that lead to chronic pain.




Rolfing sessions aim to realign, balance and alleviate pain within the body. Rolfing has been described by many as the missing link in pain reduction and realignment of the body; chiropractors work with the skeleton and massage therapists with the muscles, Rolfing, however, works with the fascia, which aims to lead to a complete eradication of aches and pains, improvement of posture and increased the freedom of movement; it also helps with both new and old injuries


Although Rolfing is not intended to directly address emotional sources of chronic pain, many clients discover through treatment that emotional damage has resulted in long term tension, causing a misalignment of the body. In other words, holding their body in abnormal positions in response to emotional trauma has caused them to develop chronic pain. Recognizing and releasing the fascia in the areas of the body that have been affected by emotional stress can have a positive effect in initiating emotional healing, helping the body heal from the inside out.


Rolfing can help dancers develop orientation between the sky and the ground, finding better awareness of the body's core, and better support of the feet to the. Many ballet dancers are seeking rolfing as it helps them better mapping and mobilizing feet and arches so they can enjoy the feel and pleasure of movement.



Thanks Rolfing you can:


Reduce pain. With balancing all muscles in your body and improving symmetrical posture you will experience less pain and tension in your body. Rolfing can help restore functioning caused by accidents or injuries.


Increase Range of Motion ( ROM ) and Flexibility. You can experience easier movement and increased ROM in your joints. Through releasing fascial restriction you will find more freedom in your body. 


Reduce stress. Every time we have been in a stressful situation, our body has reacted by tightening up and holding that stress in the tissues. Rolfing creates a higher level of integration in the body, balancing and educating the body and the psyche. As the body approaches balance, it is more comfortable in the gravitational field. As the body becomes more comfortable, physical and emotional stress can diminish


Improve posture and alignment. Repetitive activities such as sitting at your desk, using a computer, and carrying children often contribute to bad posture and alignment. Rolfing can correct bad habits of posture, and increase your overall health, physical mobility, and self esteem.


Other significant benefits include knee pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, rotator cuff, lower back pain, scoliosis/kyphosis/lordosis, whiplash, headaches and migraine, neck pain, TMJ, visceral issues, shin splits, heel spurs, foot and arch problems, sprains, frozen shoulder, Ilio-tibial band syndrome, respiratory dysfunction, motor vehicle accident injuries.

Bodies need to lengthen 
and be balanced, and a balanced body 
will give rise to a better
human being.-Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D

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