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       Ocean Wellness                           Hollyburn Country Club                                                                                                                                                  (members or by appointment only)


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        North Vancouver                              West Vancouver                                                                 

        Canada                                               Canada                                                          

        phone: 604 986 9355                                                        


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North Vancouver Osteopathy & Rolfing®
                Bioflex Cold Laser

Imagine living in flexible and balanced body that is free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress. 

This is what you can get from Osteopathy & Rolfing  – unique process of soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilization that balances and realigns your body by releasing tension and strain.

If you think your body could feel better and move more easily or perform better during sport activities, then Osteopathy & Rolfing may be right for you!

Osteopathy with Rolfing technique are aiming to collaborate with your chiropractors, massage therapist, physiotherapist, podiatrist, naturopath or other health professional to restore or maintain movement, prevent injury, and improve health and wellness. Learn more about benefits I can help you to achieve.

Rolfing with Michal has been a fantastic experience. I play tennis, run and bike 

most days so I am constantly trying to stay healthy and pain free. I have tried many different physio options for tennis elbow, neck and hamstring injuries but have found Rolfing to be the most effective. I commited to

doing 10 sessions and have not been disappointed! I will do my last session this week but will continue to go once a month to prevent further injury. I would definitely recommend it, to anyone suffering from muscle pain, stiffness or bad posture.                                                                                                                         

    Sally Slater
West Vancouver




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